Mobile Applications

India has an estimated 371 million mobile internet users as on June 2016 and the industry is only bound to grow larger with time. India is expected to attract an additional 65 million fresh mobile internet users over the next six months.

The easy availability of Mobile Phones, affordability and access to faster connectivity in 3G, 4G networks has increased the volume of Mobile internet users in India and the reach is across a wide geographic and demographic market.

A recent study shows that more users are starting to use Mobile Apps over websites to transact and network digitally.

Our dedicated Mobile App Design and Development Team will provide you with a step-by-step plan to create a functional mobile app that will help you achieve your Digital goals.

We offer you a series of strategies to help your app achieve popularity

  • Pre-launch campaign to create awareness and excitement around app
  • Strategically-timed launch to grab attention of maximum users
  • Post-launch viral campaigns via mobile phones, online, videos, podcasts etc
  • In-app campaign via app store’s other popular apps
  • Exciting updates to bring existing users back to your app
  • Promotions on recent functionality upgrades to hook new users
  • Paid promotion and review generation to drive downloads
  • Proposals for new upgrades based on user feedback
  • Sustaining a communication stream with users to ensure app attractiveness
  • Founding touch points with users to create value for your brand